Document uploads

Part of our service is to negotiate with the seller on your behalf.

If you want to negotiate a purchase you will have to make an offer to the seller.

Before making an offer to the seller, remember that most UK estate agents are part of the Property Ombudsman scheme.

They say: 10a At the time that an offer has been made and is being considered by the seller, you must take reasonable steps to find out from the buyer the source and availability of their funds for buying the property and pass this information to the seller. Such information will include whether the buyer needs to sell a property, requires a mortgage, claims to be a cash buyer (*) or any combination of these. Such relevant information that is available should be included in the memorandum of sale having regard to data protection laws.

For the seller and the selling estate agent to take you seriously, they need to know:

  • your money is in place
  • your identity and address is verified
  • you are serious about following through if an offer is acceptable to both parties

One of the reasons Invesmore is respected by selling agents and sellers is because our buyers are organised and ready to go. And this is why we ask all clients to submit the following documentation before we start making offers with sellers.

We will ask you to email your documents to us. Then we have legally verifiable email correspondence between all relevant parties.

James Birch Co-founder Invesmore Real Estate