How we earn our consultancy fee.

  • We find you property deals that make financial sense
  • Free viewing of the contender property & video
  • Negotiation of the purchase on your behalf
  • Use of our:
    • Conveyancing solicitors
    • Surveyors
    • Buy to let renovation specialists if necessary
    • Preferred mortgage advisers
  • Ongoing monitoring and help with getting your property deal to completion.

And remember, we only get paid on completion.


We help you define requirements. We go in depth to make sure we are all clear on exactly what you want.



Time and time again, we find investors are very surprised when they see amazing deals in places they never looked at before.


Find properties

We find the right properties. How? We’ve invested a huge amount of time and resource into building property analysis platform InvesFinder. We analyse property in two ways:

  • We work out which areas are best to buy in, based on your requirements.
  • We calculate the estimated gross and net yields, loan to value, net profitability and probable capital growth


Identifying contender properties

Once we’ve got your property contender list, which might be 20 or 30 properties, we will start refining this list down to 3 contender properties. Criteria for refining our list:

  • Proximity to shops, restaurants, other amenities
  • Schools.  We look at the performance scores for local schools and up weight properties which are within their catchment area… Assuming you’re interested in schools.
  • Exact location i.e. near a park, on a quiet road, low crime, good parking et cetera
  • Length of ownership. This is important, because the longer someone has owned the property, typically the more equity there is and the less price sensitive they become when considering offers.
  • We asses gross and net yields, cost of purchase, loan to value for lending, time to rent, time to sell, gross and net return on investment.


Rightmove Plus

  • We look at any historic listings of the properties through Rightmove Plus ( only available to estate agents ). Were looking for previous attempts to sell the property.
  • If the property is on Rightmove Plus, were interested in  previous pictures of the property. These can reveal issues which current photographs might not show.


EPC register

  • We look at the EPC register. An EPC certificate is needed if a property is rented out or sold.  This gives us floor area, some details on the heating system and insulation. And it tells us when the property was last sold or rented.


Invesmore InvesFinder system

  • We have a huge amount of historic sold price data, so we look at local properties, how much they were sold for and when.
  • We also look at all local comparable property based on cost per square-foot. This metric tells us whether a property is over or under priced relative to others in the area.
  • We are also interested in the number of properties sold in an area over time.  If there is a very high churn rate, or declining population, or increase in population it tells us a lot about whether an area is desirable or not.
  • We also look at house price trends on an inflation-adjusted basis.  We go right back to 1996 to date.  Were looking for short-term and long-term trends for an area.  Since property prices are a consequence of increased affordability and/or demand, it’s easy to see if an area is overheating, past its peak or has room for house price growth.


Land registry

We check land registry for:

  • When the property was last sold. This gives us an idea of how much equity might be in the property. If its likely the property does not have much debit, then the seller may be open to lower offers.
  • How many time it was sold over the last 20 years. If a property has been sold several times, there may be an issue with it.
  • If necessary, we check who owns the property. Whether it is owned by an individual or company. If the property is owned by a company, its very likely the owner is an investor. This makes negotiations less emotive.


Quizzing the selling agents

When we have done our background checks…we ask the selling agents:

  • why the property is on sale?
  • what the sellers motivations are?
  • does the property need to be sold quickly?

Most importantly since we have done background checks, we know if there are inconsistent facts from the selling agent.


Renovation costings / Time to rent / Location analysis

  • We do a renovations estimation based on photographic evidence.  It gives us a reasonably accurate idea of how much it’s going to cost to bring a property up to a good rental standard.
  • We look at time to rent. If an area has high yields, but takes 4 months to rent…not so good.
  • We do a thorough analysis of local demographics and crime, just to make sure the area is either stable or improving.



If a property checks out, it goes on the shortlist.


Mortgage suitability 

Our partner business Charles Louis Mortgage Advisers give us criteria to make sure properties are easily mortgaged. This includes assessing condition, location and ratio of owner occupiers to investor owned properties.


Final decisions

Head of research, Martin Spasovski will review properties with Invesmore founder Nick Garner and make his recommendations. He will then talk these recommendations through with you. See recordings of property assessments on YouTube.


Progressing to completion

We will make offers on your behalf and monitor the conveyancing lawyers to make sure they process the paperwork efficiently. We will also make sure the seller remains committed to the sale.


We work with several building contractors who specialise in small renovations. We have a rigorous process for vetting, tracking and ensuring satisfactory completion of building projects. See for more


Other benefits

If you choose to buy a property with our help, you get priority service on surveying, mortgage placement, conveyancing, insurance quotations, tenant placement and ongoing management.



We oversee the whole purchase process to completion.  Our goal: Make it easy to buy profitable buy to let investments.

Fact: We are the No1 data driven property consultancy in the UK. Every day we process at least 200,000 properties to find on average 200+ profitable second-hand residential investment properties a month.

Remember, before we talk please fill in the factfinder. It helps us understand your requirements.

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  • For priority service, please the factfinder so we know your requirements.  It takes about 3  minutes.

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