Invesmore Real Estate Services


Property Consultancy/Sourcing

We use invesFinder, our property analysis platform to source the right property for you.  From there we combine different services to make buying investment property as easy as possible. See our pricing page for more detail.



Since our mission is to make property investment easier for everyone…we make renovation work efficient, on-time and on budget.

Most properties need some kind of makeover or renovation work, so we set up Invesmore renovations to make this part of the purchase cycle easier.

What makes us different?

  • We have our own interior designer! Zoe specialises in practical, on budget, investor friendly interiors which rent out quickly.
  • We have very accurate cost estimation systems.  We are able to do an outline estimate within minutes, making it easy to budget projects.
  • Since we have an efficient cost estimation system, we are able to buy materials at very competitive prices, which reduces overall costs
  • All materials are sourced with short lead times in mind.  It means once we know the job start date, we can have all needed materials on site day 1.
  • Every project has a detailed project plan
  • We have a pool of tradespeople working across different jobs.  They are coordinated by Invesmore’s project managers, so we can have availability when needed,
  • Our whole infrastructure is geared up for medium to light renovations, where we expect projects to last no more than 10 days.


Co Founder of Invesmore Renovations, Craig Hamilton heads up Invesmore renovations. Mark, our main project manager is a qualified quantity surveyor.  he oversees our cost estimation and project management systems.

Worth knowing: Since our cost estimation and project management systems are so accurate,  we’ve been able to integrate rapid cost estimations within Invesmore Real Estate’s consulting business.  for example, when investors are examining different properties, were able to combine rough cost estimations into the total purchase cost of a property.

Since good renovation companies are in huge demand, we only offer renovation services to clients using our consulting services.  For more information:


Property Resale/Flips

Want to sell your property? Invesmore Real Estate can help.  We specialise in selling second-hand residential investment properties.  This is a niche market, which requires a lot of specialisation. We understand investor buyers and that’s why our systems and processes are geared to buying and selling for investment.

There may be circumstances where you have to sell a property to free up capital, or you are using ‘flips’ as your investment strategy – reselling a property within a short period of time for a higher resale value.

What makes us different:

  • We are investment property specialists
  • We’ve got a large network of investor buyers
  • We have a unique joint instruction system with local agents who handle viewings.


Invesmore Real Estate handles property resale/flips services along with the local agents. It is headed by James Birch, who along with his team has over 40 years of collective experience in the property industry.

  • Free market appraisal, this takes key aspects of your property into consideration, it helps to set expectations for what price your property can achieve when sold (i.e. property features, any building/structural faults, nearby amenities, condition and structure etc.)
  • No sale, no fee service to ensure you would not have to endure any upfront costs until the property is sold
  • No tie period with contract to allow you to list your property with more than one agency for flexibility
  • Accompanied local viewings by local agents
  • Sales progression updates and feedback from the beginning of marketing of your property through to sale and completion by Invesmore
  • Regular marketing and advertising locally done by local agents
  • No hidden costs
  • Conveyancing and financial advice available
  • Up to date Rightmove statistics and reports provided to all vendors

Contact Invesmore Co-Founder James Birch for more information.


Lettings/Management Services

You’ve bought your investment property, now it’s time to rent it out. To do this, we have distributed lettings management.  This makes it easy for investors to centrally manage portfolios, whilst making viewings, tenant vetting and property maintenance very efficient.

How does distributed lettings management (DLM) work?

  • During sales process we will find local letting agents to work with
  • Desktop rental valuation provided by local agent to verify a quick let
  • All relevant certificates are provided by Invesmore Real Estate
  • Marketing details are produced by local agent and approved by Invesmore and client
  • Check photographs and material are accurate
  • Viewings carried out by local agent
  • Updates provided by local agents and reports back to Invesmore
  • Invesmore will obtain Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), Gas Safety Check Certificate on your behalf if you do not already have them (it is landlords’ statutory obligations to provide these to the tenant, otherwise the landlord cannot serve a section 21 notice on a tenant if you wish to evict them)
  • Prepare the Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST), this is typically for minimum of 6 months but can be longer, usually under 3 years
  • Let agreed by local agent in principle and verified by Invesmore
  • Tenancy confirmed with all parties

You get:

  • Invesmore real estate overseeing the whole tenant placement process on your behalf
  • Local agents dealing with viewings and tenant sourcing
  • All for an industry standard tenant placement fee


Ongoing property management

Once we’ve placed the tenant, next part of the DLM process is the smooth management of your property. We do this by splitting the property management fee between us and the local agent:

  • Initial house visit 2 weeks after the tenancy to check all things are in working order by local agent
  • Local agents to conduct three month inspection throughout the term of the tenancy
  • Repair access to be given by local agent via Invesmore contractors
  • Maintenance to be handled by Invesmore
  • Invesmore deals with the financials (i.e rental income, repair costs, management fees)
  • Local agent to handle all correspondence with the tenant and revert back to Invesmore, Invesmore will report back to the client
  • Renewals of tenancy contract to be raised by Invesmore
  • Moved out to be done by local agent

If you are a portfolio investor, this helps centralise the whole property management process.  You have one point of contact who is responsible for all your properties.  And there is local representation. All of this for a standard management fee




Our financial services partner is Charles Louis Mortgages, who are one of the most successful ‘buy to let’ mortgage advisory businesses in the UK.

Useful to know: On the consulting side, Charles Louis constantly update us on which areas and what properties are most likely to get finance. In turn, it makes finance and mortgage applications far more likely to be accepted.

Charles Louis Mortgage Advisers which have operated for over 24 years in the financial industry, they can provide the following services:

Short-Term Finance
  • Bridging loans
  • Short-term finance for clients either without credit footprint or a poor credit history in the UK
  • Usual loan term can be between 1 to 12 months, with some lenders willing to extend to 18 months
  • It is available for both individuals or companies, for individuals it is a loan secured against assets, therefore it is common to set up a limited company for it
  • The rate of interest (i.e cost of financing) is higher in comparison to mortgage
  • Interest is charged on a monthly basis as per the nature of this loan


Long-Term Finance
  • Most common long-term finance
  • Available to overseas clients (as some lenders accept overseas income as proof of income)
  • Usual mortgage term is between 5 to 25 years
  • Available for personal purchase of company purchase (subject to meeting criteria, it differs from lender to lender)
  • Either a new mortgage term for the existing mortgage amount as the initial mortgage term expires; or
  • Capital raise – using a property you owned with little or no gearing to draw down capital
  • The criteria and documents required are almost identical to a mortgage application
  • For capital raise the property must have been owned for over 6 months before any remortgage can take place

Invesmore comment: There are 1,000’s of mortgage advisers, but maybe 1 in 30 advisers understand ‘buy to let’ financing. As a partner business to Invesmore, we’ve created an end to end workflow which begins with identifying the right properties that are easily financed through to appointing the right lawyers to make sure property acquisitions run smoothly. That’s why Charles Louis Mortgages are in such high demand.



Uinsure is our insurance partner.  They specialise in landlord insurance and other investor friendly insurance products.  We have integrations with their systems to enable rapid insurance quotations at very competitive prices.

Assuming you’re letting a property out, landlord insurance is compulsory. because of our partnership with Uinsure, we can offer very competitive rates on highly customisable insurance policies that will suit your circumstances.

  • Buildings insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Rental protection insurance
  • Liabilities insurance
  • Unoccupied property cover

Worth knowing: We only offer insurance products to existing consulting clients.



Our surveyor partner is Aspire Surveyors, one of the most highly recommended surveyors in Manchester with an average 4.9/5 rating from 253 reviews. Aspire’s founder is Brendan Neely, who is also our Invesmore Real Estate’s director of acquisitions.

We are very fortunate to have Brendan overseeing purchase decisions for our consultancy clients.

Once you’ve made an offer on a property and it’s been accepted in principle, you’ll probably need a condition survey.  Important to remember: Due to very high demand, If you’re a consultancy customer, we will prioritise your survey with Aspire Surveyors.

You will need to pay for any condition surveys, however these are charged at cost price with no profit to Invesmore.

You will probably need an RICS Homebuyers Report:

  • Conditions of – roof, main walls, windows, doors, floors, internal decorations
  • Services of – electrical and gas installation, water, central heating and the drains
  • External – gardens, boundaries and garages, location and environment

Example report here. 



We work with AB James Solicitors who have over 30 years of collective experience in property conveyancing.

When conveyancing, they will:

  • Do an initial letter to confirm instruction to the sellers solicitors (it will identify the details of the property in question, including name of buyer and seller, address of the property, purchase price)
  • Scrutinise legal documents which is compulsory in the seller’s pack provided by the seller’s solicitors (i.e Contract Bundle, Energy Performance Certificate – EPC, Title Deed)
  • Instruct searches and enquiries on the property to identify any potential issues or hazard for your best interest
  • Anti-money laundering searches
  • File legal documents to the Land Registry to officially register ownership with the authority, for it to reflect on the system and on the Title Deed
  • Calculate, collect, and proceed to pay for Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) within 14 days of completion, to make sure relevant taxes are fully paid

Conveyancing is a legal requirement in the UK.  It’s where lawyers on behalf buyer go through all of the property transaction details to make sure there are no issues which could affect purchase of the property.

  • Residential and commercial transactions can take from 4 weeks to as long as it is necessary (depending on the searches, enquiries and the turnover time for opposition solicitor to gather requested information)
  • Auction purchase usually has to complete within 21 or 28 days (some auctioning bodies will allow more or less time)

Worth knowing: Invesmore’s mission is to make property investment easier for everyone. As any property owner will tell you, the conveyancing process takes a long time and seems very complicated.

Since we know conveyancing can be painful, we’ve gone through a lengthy selection process to find the best conveyancing lawyers possible to make your property purchase go through quickly. That’s why we chose AB James Solicitors.


Accountancy Services

Invesmore’s company accountant is Warr & Co Chartered Accountants, who have over 27 years of experience in the property sector. Invesmore’s main point of contact Pete Edwards ACA and partner of Warr & Co has practised within property related accountancy for 16 years. His specialisation is Tax services for landlord/flat management companies and property investment.

Personal or Company

Accountancy services can be provided to individuals or companies. Professional advice will be given so you will be informed of the most tax-efficient way to operate (be it personal landlord or to set up a company), it will depend on how many properties you owned and your personal financial circumstances.

Tax Services

Accountant will handle all your finance and tax works, the scope of their service for individuals or company renting out properties include:

  • Annual tax accounts which has to be submitted to HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs)
  • Acting as your agent with HMRC
  • Personal tax advice and compliance
  • Bookkeeping, VAT (Value Added Tax) and payroll services
  • Audit
  • Tax enquiry service in the event of tax investigation by the HMRC


Want to contact us? Great.  All we ask: You complete our factfinder form. it helps us to understand your requirements which means we can offer you a better service.