Interesting deals

FAQ: Why we share good buy to let deals with the public.

Q. Why do we ‘give away’ such good deals?

A. We can afford to share since  our InvesFinder platform finds 100’s of buy to let deals every week.


Q. Can I buy this property now?

A. Sure, if its not sold already.


Q. Do I need to pay you any money for this deal & is there any kind of contract between us?

A. No.


Q. How do I know this is a genuinely good deal?

A. We process around 400,000 properties a day across England. InvesFinder  tells us if the property ‘numbers’ work and the neighbourhood meets our criteria. Our analysts do a final check on the property. If good, it is a ‘contender’. Each day we randomly pick out a couple of contender deals for you.


Q. How do you select contender properties?

A. We follow these golden rules!