Comment on UK buy to let news

Uncover property condition secrets. Rightmove & Zoopla in 2023

Free Udemy course found here: And the companion course is here: Find your ideal property location. Rightmove,

Free Udemy course: Find your ideal property location. Rightmove, Zoopla in 2023

Free course on Udemy: Select the best locations to rent, reside, or purchase Stay away from areas with

Invesmore deal cost calculator

How the cost calculator works and why it so useful for negotiating deals with estate agents.

Contractor spreadsheet how to

General explainer for how we helped project manage renovations on behalf of clients. The spreadsheet is a useful framework to

Cash purchase calculations

General update. Time for cash buy from motivated sellers

Nick and Martin talk about a change of strategy for Invesmore. Mortgage purchases for buy to let or not viable

Strategy for current market conditions: Find motivated sellers and negotiate price!

Martin & Nick – Quick video explaining the gameplan when searching for property investments. Demand minimum yield of 7%. Find

Martin and Nick Update 07 Nov 22 What BTL deals make sense now

Nick What deals work at 7% min mortgage £100k at 75% LTV

My calculations: If interest rates are 7% and we assume minimum mortgage will be £100,000… It means the minimum property price

Nick & Martin mortgage finance Deals that work 24 Oct 2022

Nick and Martin talk about the current property market: – No reasonably priced mortgages for foreign national buy to let

Invesmore state of the nation on buy to let from the front line team

A short summary of how we see the market, what kind of deals were now hunting for and an introduction

Buy to let: Interest rates / current market / future projections for buy to let.

it’s a fairly long-winded video, where I take a macroeconomic view on the property market, the future of interest rates

UK buy to let summary. Interest rates & market outlook.

Opinion on Sheffield Doncaster Airport closure on property market in Doncaster

Commentary on housing and mortgages 4th Oct 2022

Nick Martin General update 17 Aug 2022

Mortgage expert David Eva; Gatehouse bank plc decision to pause lending on buy to let mortgages.

As of 16th of August 2022, Gatehouse bank plc have caused lending for buy to let mortgages. David Eva explains

Sarah & Nick Buy to let strategy in a high inflation low interest decade

Martin & Nick where works for buy to let Aug 2022

Commentary on latest interest rate rises UK

Renovations introduction

See our renovations webpage for more detail

EPC C legislation & diminishing rental housing supply. 

Very  important topic: EPC C legislation & diminishing rental housing supply. I want to dispel any confusion about this EPC issue. Those who don’t know, there […]

43 Sumner Road – Renovation assessment

Stoke on Trent City Assessment

Buy to let property buying area assessment – Stalybridge

Worth checking out: Nick’s free Udemy course on buy to let purchasing: Or Nick’s 5 hour YouTube course

Buy to let property buying area assessment – Doncaster

Worth checking out: Nick’s free Udemy course on buy to let purchasing: Or Nick’s 5 hour YouTube

Charlotte Intro

Meet Charlotte. She helps our investors find the right buy to let investment!

Demographics: Buying good buy to let investment deals in a ‘bad’ area.

House price economic forecasts 29 June 2022

The Google slides presentation is here: A general overview of economic indicators to help predict market rises

Simply business landlord insurance

Leila & Mandie review time! Best décor for optimising rent (Leila) with least cost! (Mandie)

Message if you want introductions for renovations or lettings management in Manchester

Manchester Rental Market. Landlord FAQ’s with Leila, Lettings Director Charles Louis Homes

Survey Assessment 20 Stott Street, Failsworth, Manchester M35 0JW

Pym road survey analysis

Survey report Crosby Road, Newton Heath, Manchester M40 1QB

Borough Avenue survey assesment

6 Chesterton Grove M43 7WB Survey assessment

27 Fairford Way Stockport SK5 7NQ Assessment

51 Lowton Street, Radcliffe M26 4DQ Assesment

10 Lilac Avenue, Swinton M27 4UE assesment

25 Normanby Street, Swinton M27 9TL assesment

26 Cranbrook Road M18 7JW Assessments

1 Reynolds Drive M18 8NJ Assessment

16 Belvedere Drive Bredbury SK6 2EF Stockport Assesment

43 Saint Hildas, Belle Vue DN4 5EE 3

26 Congress Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS12 3DY Assessment

28 Lawnswood Drive, Swinton M27 5NH Assessment 1

3 Dublin Road, Intake, Doncaster DN2 5HE Assesment

28 Lawnswood Drive, Swinton M27 5NH Assessment

18 Brookdale Park, Crewe CW2 7QZ Assesment

22 Lingard Street, Reddish SK5 6AB Assesment

10 Gould Street Denton Manchester M34 2AD

117 Thornley Lane South Stockport SK5 6QW

13 Kinver Road Manchester M40 5QQ Assessment

49 Patterdale Road, Heavily, Stockport SK1 4NL Assesment

26 Josephine Drive, Swinton M27 5UL assessment

40 Hulbert street M24 2HY Assessment

53 Woodbridge Road, Flixton, Trafford M41 8RD Assesment

161 Southey Hill, Sheffield S5 8BL assesment

11 Eastbrook Ave Radcliffe M26 2RT Assessment

14 Leicester Avenue, Doncaster, DN2 6DR Assessment

22 Carr Forge Close, Hackenthorpe S12 4FA Assessment

27 Richmond Hall Crescent, Sheffield S13 8FN Assessment

7 Cromwell Road, Bentley, Doncaster DN5 9SS Assessment

24 Eccleston Road DN3 1NX Part 1

Nancy caledonia notes about estimate

15 Bishopgarth Close, Doncaster DN5 9TW Assessment

55 Owlwood Drive, Little Hulton M38 0FG Assessment

203 Bispham Road, Southport PR9 7BP

4, Everton Street, Swinton M27 0NW

95 Dukinfield Rd, Hyde SK14 4PE

51 Worrall Street, Stockport SK3 9BE

27 Dundas Road Doncaster , South Yorkshire , DN2 4DS

13 Duddon Walk, Middleton, Manchester, M24 5GS pt 2

34 Debenham Road Stretford Manchester M32 9DG 1

33 Hexagon Close, M9 8RN Assessment

40 Beech Ave Kearsley Bolton BL4 8SB

30 Ingleton Rd Stockport SK3 9NN

assessment 9 Clifton Street, Bolton, BL4 7HR

1297 Rochdale Road, Manchester M9 6FG

302 Ashton Road East, Failsworth, Manchester M35 9HD

160k 13 Fraser Street, Pendlebury, Swinton M27 4DH

18 year property cycles. Boom and bust.

As you may know, I’m a big exponent of the 18 year property cycle. And it looks as though we are in the last leg of […]

UK 18 year property cycle and the end of the long term debt cycle.

UK 18 year property cycle and the end of the long term debt cycle. You’ve heard about the 18 year property cycle, but may be you […]

Investor shift to purchasing properties with a higher EPC rating

Investor shift to purchasing properties with a higher EPC rating Hi investors! Interesting article from Hamptons talking about the overall shift to purchasing properties with a […]

Gatehouse bank foreign national 65% LTV £75,000 mortgages

Gatehouse bank foreign national 65% LTV £75,000 mortgages Gatehouse bank have announced an important change: they are reducing their minimum mortgage size for foreign national buyers […]

What about those higher interest rates?

What about those higher interest rates? Does it mean a market slowdown? It’s a huge topic, but broadly… – 1940’s UK is fairly similar to today. […]

Are we in for a property crash?

Are we in for a property crash? A friend of mine messaged me effectively saying/asking: – Russia likely to invade Ukraine – A run on the […]

Ggbet Übersicht Einblick In Das Deutsche Online-casino

Zuvor liegt dieser darin, potenzielle Kunden auf sich bedacht zu machen. Bei der großen Wettstreit, die heute auf dem Online Glücksspielmarkt herrscht, muss man jedoch dafür […]

Nick Garner’s view on EPC C landlord regulation

Probable legislation forcing landlords to meet EPC C standards. What should I do about this? Caveat: it’s a huge topic. This article is about energy performance […]

Manchester BTL – Market update with Jamie & Nick

Hi everyone, Jamie and I did a quick update video on how we see the Manchester buy to let marketplace. Some interesting anecdotes about rental costs […]

Short and long term house price growth for greater Manchester

Short video explaining the post Explanation: The data is from land registry via Office of National Statistics. It is for house prices per MSOA throughout England […]

Cheap solicitor/Gatehouse bank/viewings questions and answers

This is a ‘holdall’ post covering a number of important questions and assumptions. Companion video to the article Is it better to go for a cheap […]

Is Birmingham better than Manchester for buy to let?

I was asked whether Birmingham is better for buy to let than Manchester. And so I’ve dug out some basic capital growth and demographic information to […]

To buy or not to buy, that is the question.

Nick Garner here, founder of Invesmore. I’ve been asking myself an important question: is it better to pause and wait for a market cooldown, or keep […]

Deals of the day for 22 September 2021

Some examples of properties we think make very good investments. 21C Scott Street, Leigh, WN7 5AL Type of property : End of Terrace Bedrooms : x2 […]

The rise of property investor superstars – last leg of the property cycle. (Data & Graphs)

Interesting article: “Young guy buys property renovates and resells. Wants to build a portfolio.” I’m seeing more and more mainstream media talk up property as […]

Does it make sense for an overseas non resident buyer to purchase a property in the UK through a limited company?

Introduction Invesmore has a community of investors on a WhatsApp group.  The community is mostly overseas investors interested in buying in the UK.  One of the […]

Buy Don’t Buy : 10 Buy to let location tips

What locations are best for buy to let property? Let’s start with what the word ‘location’ means in this context. With buy to let property, it’s […]

Invesmore long-term UK residential property market predictions

This is the first iteration of a post which will definitely grow over time… If you’re familiar with Invesmore, you’ll know we track hundreds of thousands […]